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Media Partners

Publications, websites and institutions related to this event, its satellite events and its venue are welcome to enter a media partnership with VISIGRAPP, by means of which they assist in divulging the conference through a link exchange, by forwarding our Call for Papers or by publishing news pieces about the event, its speakers or satellite events.

Current Media Partners:

Journal of Imaging Science & Technology

In 1990, IS&T merged the Journal of Imaging Science (1985-1989) with the Journal of Imaging Technology (1984-1989) to form the Journal of Imaging Science and Technology (JIST). Articles from JIST since 1997 are available online through the abstract search database. Prior to that, IS&T also published the Photographic Science and Engineering (1957-1984) and the Journal of Applied Photographic Engineering (1975-1983). While copies of articles from these older journals are not available online, they may be accessed by contacting IS&T directly.


Journal of Perceptual Imaging

The Journal of Perceptual Imaging springs from the IS&T Conference on Human Vision and Electronic Imaging (HVEI)—a conference within the Electronic Imaging Sympsosium—which has been driving the research agenda in this multidisciplinary field for 30 years. JPI builds on this foundation to provide an open-source, peer-reviewed academic journal to serve perceptual, imaging, and visualization scientists in the greater intellectual community.